This course is currently in beta testing. We welcome feedback from course participants on your experience. The course may be updated based on participant feedback and as information in the course changes. 

This course has been specifically designed for and with advocates and affected communities to provide a base of knowledge in TB research and to generate interest and engagement in TB research advocacy. We look forward to your participation in this exciting new course and joining us in advocating for new tools to #EndTB! 

This course is self-guided. You can complete the course activities at your own place, wherever and whenever convenient for you. The course consists of four modules:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Vaccines
  3. Diagnostics
  4. Medicines

Each module consists of videos, resources, and supporting materials and activities. There is a workbook where you will complete activities throughout the modules in this course. You will also work on building an advocacy plan throughout the course, so you are ready to put your knowledge into action upon completing the course. 

There will be a quiz at the end of each module, and a final comprehensive test at the end of the course. You will need to score at least 80% on each of the quizzes and the  final test to receive a certificate for completing the course. 

You do not need prior knowledge of new TB tools to take this course, you do need to have some basic knowledge about TB. If you want to strengthen your knowledge in TB more generally before starting this course, we recommend that you dive into some of the other courses available on the TeachMeTB learning platform.

This course was developed by the Stop TB Partnership's Working Group on New TB Vaccines, Working Group on New TB Drugs, and New Diagnostics Working Group in collaboration with the Stop TB Parntership's NGO and Affected Community Delegations.

Course instructors include:

Course Introduction
Lucica Ditiu, Stop TB Partnership (Switzerland)
Kate O'Bren, We Are TB (USA)

Module 1: Fundamentals
Mike Frick, Treatment Action Group (USA)
Chapel Mehra, Survivors Against TB (India)
Sarah Leone, ACTION project (USA)

Module 2: Vaccines
David Lewinsohn, Working Group on New TB Vaccines and Oregon Health & Science University (USA)
Carol Nyirenda, CITAM+ and TBpeople (Zambia)
Krystyna Rivera, TBpeople (Ukraine)

Module 3: Diagnostics
Morten Ruhwald, FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics (Switzerland)
Mikashmi Kohli, FIND, the global alliance for diagnostics (Switzerland)
Rosemary Mburu, WACI Health (Kenya)

Module 4: Medicines
Barbara Laughon, NIAID (USA)
Bavesh Kana (South Africa)
Rosemary Mburu, WACI Health (Kenya)

Finalizing the Course
Ezio Távora dos Santos Filho (Brazil)

The Course Workbook includes a full list of course developers and instructors.

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